Web-only pricing

For those online "webby" tasks that don't require me to (necessarily) visit you, here are some special prices:

Web-related Pricing

Let these prices be a guide to you - until I know exactly what you want or need I can't be 100% certain. You may need more, or perhaps less. 

Please consider the following a guide only.

Website Design - hosting is usually extra

$150 - one-off "small" blog set-up using Blogger (free hosting) or WordPress (your host or mine at extra cost). Includes a basic template adapted to suit you, a few images, 2-3 pages and some instruction. Any extras like domain name at extra cost

$500 for 6-12 "pages" (for example index, contact, links, about us, products, services, library etc, and nothing too fancy - straight HTML with some images and a form)

$1500 for 12-20 pages with "something fancy" like scripting, PayPal integration or similar tedious but important tasks.

All projects include design and deployment (note that hosting may be an extra ongoing expense).

Break/Fix, Image-creation and Consultation at my regular rates

  • $50 first hour
  • $40 per hour thereafter.

I can usually fix your HTML web page(s) or modify them as needed (for example to improve SEO, and I speak HTML pretty well for an old guy - but the more complicated the scripting the more time-consuming the job. Whilst one or two hours is usually enough - more than that and we'll both go nuts - a bespoke page written by someone other than me may be less-than-enjoyable to work with and may take more time. We can discuss it before we both get carried away. 


A general reminder: if I post to a link which references a product or service, it may be something that I am selling (a service, product, advice, or photography) or something provided via Amazon's provisioning and delivery enterprise. Which is a reminder that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Did I mention photography? I use Nikon gear mostly, and they pay me nothing for mentioning that. I use Skylum's Luminar editing software, and they may give me something in return (could be a commission) if you follow a link here back to their site.  

If you want to make further contact, I may often be found on Quora, and some content there earns me a few cents, too. I may be on other sites, like Medium, too. And Flickr. And Instagram.

I may also be found also on Patreon. If you want to patronise me, go right ahead.

And finally, I have a tip jar via PayPal. If you find my musings useful, consider a contribution. I'd appreciate it. 

All the best, and take care.


Reminder: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.