Rob's elancing

Problem: You need some research done and a report and presentation written, pronto. But you are short of time and the skilled staff to carry it off.

Solution: elance the work to someone you can trust! It's both cost and time effective.

Why you should entrust me with your research, analysis and reporting needs: I have over 30 years of experience in a broad range of fields, from hands-on problem-solving to transformational business consulting, from IT outsourcing to fixing home PCs.  I have been a hands-on worker and a manager in both small and large companies, including some of the very biggest corporations in the world - and I have worked with government departments as well as the smallest family businesses.  I know what you need because I've been there myself.

What can I do for you? I can provide the following services at reasonable cost:
  • Detailed, deep-diving research on any topic
  • Analysis and reporting in many formats
  • Consultation on human resource management, business transformation and business strategy.
So get in touch now and ask for a quote! Don't tie yourself in knots trying to do 1000 things at once, and don't waste your time researching trivial details that you won't put to use again. Why not leverage my experience by engaging me to report on your business strategy, research or other business needs?