Rob who?

My name is Robert Russell and I live on the Central Coast of NSW with my wife and family, our cat and our chooks. For fun and fitness I ride and race bicycles with the Central Coast Cycling Club. My interests and  hobbies include watching my 1982 Alfa GTV sit idle in the garage, taking digital photographs (I've given up analog) and learning new things, like audio and video production.

But what do I know about personal computers? Well I've known about them since my schooldays in Sydney when the "computer home brew" scene was active. People - probably what we'd call 'geeks' now - built computers for fun from basic parts back then and programmed them themselves. I didn't quite get it back then but got into it by 1984 when I started "investing" in PCs, including a CP/M machine, followed by countless "IBM-compatible" PCs... (sorry, no Apples.)

I worked with audio gear and test and measurement instruments back in the early 80's but drifted into selling PCs instead. My early computing career included selling and supporting very basic PC clones and peripherals, followed by sales and support of increasingly sophisticated hardware and software. I took a break for a few years but got back into it when the World Wide Web took off around Christmas 1994. I ended up providing telephone support for a couple of ISPs, one of which was IBM's global Internet provider. I stayed with IBM for 13 years in various senior technical and management roles before starting

My credentials include a lot of technical instruction (I'm also into learning and development and have a degree in Human Resource Management to back that up), plus the setting up and fixing of computers and peripherals over many years; backed up by countless - OK, let's say over 25 - years of real-world hands-on PC use. I feel your pain. I am patient, logical and diligent. If I can't fix something - and I'm quite dogged - then I'll own up and tell you.

I have also received formal training in Microsoft products such as Excel, and in Lotus Notes, amongst many other things. I am self-taught in other areas including imaging, music and audio software. All up I'm willing and able to help you, even if I do say so myself!